Here's how you can get through it


Coaching is a way to discover what’s going on right now, where you want to be, and what’s missing. Then we create the plan to fill in the gaps.



My workshops offer you tools to manage change in your life. I regularly offer local workshops and I can travel upon request.



I coach in person if you are local, and via phone or Skype if you are elsewhere. I’ve coached groups with participants from multiple countries.

Change Agent

I specialize in change. You specialize in your life. Put these two together, and you are unstoppable.
Don't just survive a change. Thrive!

Change can be very hard. Most of us focus on surviving a change and we compromise our self-worth in the process. And I believe that change is a very powerful time in our lives to create the future we want. To take along that which serves us, release what no longer serves us, and to create the part(s) that we need.

It’s my job to uncover the stuff that’s missing, that no longer works, that’s holding you back, that’s keeping you stuck and afraid. With the right questions, we identify and draw on YOUR talents, skills and best to create what you are looking for.

Coaching is the opportunity to discover what’s so, what’s missing and what’s next, and what worked and didn’t work. You’re going to be using more of your strengths and talents to get there too. You’ll strengthen your self-worth and make more space for the what it is you really value. You’ll be more clear about your boundaries, your needs and what it is you’re working toward.

  • 20+ schools, 7 countries, 30+ moves, children, reinvention, etc...

  • I didn't just call myself a coach. I'm an ICF accredited coach training graduate since 2013.

  • Degree in Drama Therapy, the Netherlands, 1995, with focus on system therapy

  • In person, phone, skype; individual or group, workshops or coaching or counseling. You choose.

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