Maartje Meijer lives on Vancouver Island, just outside Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.


maartjeMy name is Maartje (before you go cross-eyed at the spelling, it’s pronounced like Marsha, but with a cha sound at the end).

My life’s journey in combination with my training and professional experience  (see the nitty gritty details here) allow me to be a powerful coach, counselor and consultant for people going through change.

I’ve lived in 7 countries, half of which are English-speaking, attended 20+ schools (the vast majority of them before I was 25).

I have coached and counseled individuals and families toward personal or business goals, through major life changes, and those who are undergoing long-distance or intercultural moves.

I also own Self Worth Coaching and Counseling: http://www.yourselfworthcoach.com
The difference between Nascence and Self Worth is that with Nascence we coach to your specified projects and goals related to smooth transitions, and with Self Worth, we coach to your self-worth, what’s in the way of it and how to strengthen your self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect.

I love my two teenage sons, and I love seeing them grow into a fuller expression of themselves each day. I am an avid reader. I love travel, cultural events and sailing (I occasionally crew on a tall ship). I fix furniture, paint (walls, not canvas) and do minor interior repairs and renovations in heritage homes. I also paint and varnish (bright work) classic wooden boats at a local boat yard.